Steak On The Plate

Can you imagine living in peace, safety and comfort for 40 years? And not only that, but you never had to work during that time. Everything was provided for you!!! That was the children of Israel as they were in a holding pattern until everyone over the age of 20 died. That day came and it was time for the rest to enter the Promised Land.

*“Likewise, many of us have grown up in the wilderness of mediocrity, and don’t know there is anything better. We’ve grown accustomed to lack and don’t know what we are missing. Much of our religious system today has taught us not to expect the miraculous in our lives. We sing about ‘the sweet, bye-bye’ but are just hanging on for dear life and ‘the rough here and now.’  To many, eternal life doesn’t begin until we all get to heaven, but Jesus told us to pray that His will would be done here on earth, as it is in heaven, Matthew 6:9-10.”

“Sure, heaven is going to be awesome, but Jesus died, so we could be delivered from this present evil World. We don’t need deliverance in heaven. We need it now! Our salvation will reach its ultimate completion in heaven, but we don’t have to wait until ‘pie in the sky by and by’. We have ‘steak on the plate while we wait.’”

Don’t stay in in your wilderness! It’s time to break out of all you’ve ever known! Believe God for what He has for you. Don’t get stuck in stuck in the “rough here and now”, have “steak on the plate while you wait!”

God is good! Let him prove it!


*Taken from Seven Steps to Victory by Andrew Womack

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