A friend gave me a paper from Touching Lives by James Merritt, where he said this, “Psychologist have identified three types of comparisons that people engage in.    

The first type is known as Downward Comparison, where we compare ourselves to those who were worse off than us, often leading to feelings of arrogance.
The second type is Lateral Comparison, where we compare ourselves to those who are on the same level as us, sparking a sense of competition.
Lastly, Upward Comparison occurs when we compare ourselves to those who are better off than us, often leading to feelings of jealousy.”

All of these are “cube openers”, allowing demonic spirits into your cube. But God knew at the fall, that this was going to be a grave temptation on all people. This kills teenagers, destroys young adults, and massacre’s marriages. Could this be why God said in 2 Corinthians 10:12 not to  do this very thing?

“For we dare not to classify or to compare ourselves with some commending themselves. But these, measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves with themselves, do not understand.” 2 Cor 10:12

God gets such a bad wrap; seen as an ogre, when all along He’s calling, beckoning, warning, forever sounding the clarion call. What if we heeded this call and taught our children never to compare themselves with their peers. What if we taught our young married to keep their focus on Jesus and keep seeking Him for direction in career and family. Stop and imagine a life of peace, where there is no room to compare, just a simple desire to please one’s Lord.

Comparison never will reap good fruit! Don’t participate it. God doesn’t care what others are doing, where you’re concerned. He only cares about what you’re doing about you!


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