The Warning

The Hawaii fires were awful and to make it worse, no alarm was sounded. The person in charge ordered it not to be sounded because they thought it would confuse the people.  

The people of Israel were crying out to God, complaining. Comparing themselves with their neighbors and other nations. God indeed did hear their cries and sent Samuel, the High Priest, the leader of Israel to give them a clarion warning. To sound the alarm by explaining to them what would happen to them if they persisted in their evil ways and cry’s for their own way.

Samuel did just that and gave them a stern warning, that what they were asking for was not in their best interest and surely was not God’s plan for them, but they persisted anyway.

God told Samuel that the people had not rejected Samuel, but they had rejected Him.

Have I become your enemy because I tell you the Truth? Gal 4:16

Somebody has to sound that alarm but often times we blame the one who does! If they don’t sound the alarm, and knew to, they are at fault. Don’t blame the one that God gives clear instructions to sound the alarm. It is sounded out of love, care and concern. Or would you rather be like Hawaii, caught unawares, with no time to react?

Would you really rather have no warning? Even if it hurts your emotions and pride?


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