The First Time

The First Time

I remember reading in the book, To Train Up A Child, by Michael & Debbie Pearl, to train your children to listen and obey on the FIRST command. As a mother of a strong willed boy, I was forever battling for supremacy, but that message resonated with me; for one false step of disobedience could land the child in front of a car, or a mired of other things, dead and who would be to blame? As parents your word should be adhered to like glue for the protection of the child, but this behavior will not come naturally nor easily. It must be taught!

The Father’s voice is rarely listened to either, even by believers. For as soon as it is heard, Satan comes to snatch it away. I know! I hear the Lord tell me something then immediately the devil counteracts it with a rebellious thought and too many times, without even realizing it, I have heeded the devil’s suggestion and turned my back on the Lord’s command, just like a child does to his mother.

Raising children takes prayer, patience, CONSISTENCY, and help from the Lord. Walking with the Lord requires all the same things. For like little children we don’t listen, much less heed and we always want to do our own thing and do it our way. And the truth is, we are in just as much danger as a little child who won’t listen. They don’t know the danger that awaits them and neither do we, when we ignore the voice of our loving Father.

Heed His voice today the first time, before catastrophe takes you out, due to rebellion and disobedience.

1My son, if you accept my words

and hide my commandments within you,

2if you incline your ear to wisdom

and direct your heart to understanding,

3if you truly call out to insight

and lift your voice to understanding,

4if you seek it like silver

and search it out like hidden treasure,

5then you will discern the fear of the LORD

and discover the knowledge of God.


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