There was a hill on the side of our house that I would sit on top of as a little girl. Lying back in the soft grass, looking up at the vast sky just as Jonathon Cahn in his book, The Oracle, said: “In this world…when you were lying on the grass, looking up at the sky, longing for Heaven….when you knew in your heart that there had to be more to life than what you found in this world, when you cried out in your tears….you and every child of this world.”  Yes! I remember being very small, lying on that hill, deeply contemplating God and why I was here.

“A world of separation … a world fallen and separated from that which is perfect….and pure…and good, a world estranged from the purpose for which it was created…a world fallen into darkness and evil…fallen from the light. And so everyone born of this world is a child of separation, separated from God by the darkness….by sin.”

As a small child I felt that separation. Like something was amiss.

“An exile from the life you were created to know…the life you long to live, a life of fullness and purpose, of blessings, of joy. That is your inheritance….and the inheritance of all those created in His image…..the life they were born to know and live…their ancestral possession.”

"Did you ever think it strange, to spend your entire life in this world, to know nothing else but this world….and yet to never feel at home within it?”

Now in my later years, I still feel that uneasy feeling that I felt when I was six. Like somehow, I don’t belong.

"Because it isn’t home. So no matter how long you live in it, and no matter how familiar it becomes, your heart can never be fully at peace within it. How could you feel at home in a world of sorrows and pains and fears and rejections and broken dreams and tears and heartbreaks and losses and failures and sins and shame and evil and emptiness? You could never feel at home in this world because it’s not your inheritance.”

I long and await my true inheritance and I have a blessed foretaste from the precious Savior and Holy Spirit that lives within.


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