Never Forge

Often times in prayer I thank God for allowing me to live this long, long enough to know Truth and have such a sweet understanding of Jesus. Sometimes My harshness shows, but it’s a harshness against the devil and what he’s doing to blind and destroy, people of all ages. Listen to what Niki Cruz says in his outstanding book, Soul Obsession: “And though the memories are still painful, I never want to forget. No matter how good things get in my life, no matter how many years pass, no matter how much life changes. I intend to remember my days in the valley of despair. Because only through remembering where I’ve been, can I fully appreciate what God has done for me. …..We forget others are still caught in the world that we left behind.”

I want to share what Jesus has done for me. How well I remember! How frequently I rejoice in His goodness. How thankful I am that I can look back and know a hit was out on me with the first cry from my mothers womb. How joyous I am for a Savior, One who never let me go.

Remembering in the proper way is the key. Don’t remember in pain, sorrow and remorse. Remember with joy, unspeakable joy, that you once were and now you are no longer. Remember with gratefulness, from where Jesus pulled you. From the dungeon of self destruction!

Again I say REJOICE!

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