What Have You Decided?

What Have You Decided?
Niki Cruz gave a great example of God warning someone and giving them one final chance. In his book Soul Obsession, he tells of a man and wife, Carlos and Marilu, a pastoral team in Puerto Rico who one Sunday left the church and fanned out into the community on a faith walk, led by the Holy Spirit. Marilu passed a business that was well known in the community for a place to buy drugs. Led by the Holy Spirit, she knocked on the door several times. When the owner came to the door she told him she wanted to pray for him and his business. He rejected the offer but she persisted. “I don’t need your prayers,” He said. “Leave me alone.”
“Again she insisted that he let her pray for him, but he wouldn’t listen. He mocked her and told her to leave. She persisted in her effort to reach him, explaining that God had put a strong sense on her heart to pray for him, and that she feared something bad would happen to him. She prophesied over the man, giving him a strong warning. “If you don’t let me pray for you, I’m afraid that harm will come to your business,” she told him. But he still refused. He told her to leave and slammed the door in her face.”
She and her comrades went across the street and prayed for the man that he would come to know Jesus. Three days later she got the news that thieves had broken into his business to rob him and when he tried to stop them, they beheaded him, leaving him in a pool of blood on the floor. The business never opened again. It remains stained by the owner’s blood. The Lord tried to warn him, but he wouldn’t listen.
Everyone will be faced with truth. Everyone has to choose.
God will call each person to decide.
What have you decided?
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