Are You Ready?

Listen to what David Wilkerson, (now with the Lord), said in his book ‘Hungry For more of Jesus’.

“With the devil on the loose, displaying great wrath, because he knows his time is limited, Christians need exactly this: a greater revelation of Christ. Satan is exerting great power in these last days, and hell is unleashing all its fury. The enemy’s strongholds are much more fortified, powerful and deeply entrenched than in any past generation. Without question, Satan - his power, his kingdom, and his work - is on the increase. He is becoming better known, less feared, and more excepted. And then this final battle against him, a basic Bible knowledge of Christ will not be enough. In fact, knowing a lot about Christ will not be enough. We need to quit studying Christ, and instead go to his table and let the Holy Spirit reveal Him to us. This requires time.”

“…That is how we come to know him - by sitting with him, hearing his voice, and waiting on him to impart divine wisdom. Busy, preoccupied people never get to know Christ. They live for years on some past vision of glory, with no fresh word or new revelation of Him. They honor and exalt Christ, but He has not become their very life.”

“You cannot go into battle in this world, where demons rule, virtually uncontested, unless you are committed to having an ever increasing revelation of Christ, power and glory. Otherwise, he will have no impact against the kingdom of darkness. The principalities and powers of evil will scoff at you. We must come into the battle directly from the throne room of God. Otherwise, we will crumble before the enemy.”

Read and pray Eph 3:3, 3:8, 3:12 for yourself.


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