Killer Words

*“Throughout the Word of God we are told to be careful how we use our mouths. We are never to speak things that are going to make people want to give up or quit. We are not to pollute one another or ourselves with negative words from our lips.”

“We are not to use our mouths to hurt, breakdown or depress, but rather to heal, restore and uplift. The tongue has a healing power, and we need to use it to bring healing.”

I have been horribly hurt and damaged over the years by Christian’s and their mouths! I have been hurt by non-Christians and their mouths as well. I have never been shot or hit or knifed, but words have wounded me just as badly as if I had. And of course, because the deep wounds opened the door in the spirit realm to negative thoughts, furthering my fragile understanding of reality, which caused a decline in attitude and inner reliance upon the Lord, resulting in my own mouth spewing ill will towards the very ones I loved the most.

Work on your inside, so that you won’t allow Satan to come and speak negativity through other people. Be bold and tell Satan within these people to be quiet in Jesus name! Do not allow them to speak anything into your life that is contrary to what Jesus says about you. Know you are in Him and understand, this is simply a demonic attack; Satan using someone to throw you off course and destroy you.

Prov 15:4 A gentle tongue (with its healing power) is a tree of life, but willful contrariness in it breaks down the spirit.

My spirit has been decimated by people’s words over the years and I can still remember them to this day. But no more! I will not allow such talk in my life! I will stand up to Satan talking through anyone and deny him the right to speak to me. Words can tear down and destroy if you let them. Know you are in Christ and reject anything or anyone who says contrary!


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