Are You Listening?

I got up the other morning and a thought popped in. Now thoughts pop in and out all the time. Sometimes they’re bad and I don’t want them. Sometimes they are of the past, years and years ago, condemning thoughts. I don’t want those either! This was a strong, eye opening, revelatory thought. The thought said, “All the pastors wives you’ve ever been under, none ever reached out to you,  by calling you, or inviting you to lunch. Everyone knew you were a young struggling mom and no one tried to help you.” This was all true and I immediately got angry!!!! “Yeah!” I even told my husband right then, with passion in my voice, the revelation I had just had and then, I said, “And how different my life could have been if someone had reached out to me!”And right after I said that, a young single mom flashed across my mind! I knew then what all that was about! That my friends, was the Holy Spirit telling me to reach out.

That taught me a lesson! And as I yield, I’m learning Satan’s voice and thoughts verses the Holy Spirit’s voice and thoughts.

Meeting with this young receptive mother, she said, “I don’t hear the voice of God like I used to.” I said, “He never stopped talking, you stopped listening! Later in the conversation, I had made a suggestion and a big smile came across her face. “Funny that you say that”, she said, “I had a thought while taking a shower to do that very thing the other day, but I thought it was stupid!” I said, “See God has been talking and has simply sent me to prove it!”

Pay attention to your thoughts! Reject the obvious evil ones and act on the good ones, even if you think they’re stupid!

The Holy Spirit is speaking! Are you listening?


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