The Chuckle

Recently while exercising, I hurt the back of my foot. It was hurting as I maneuvered around the house and our house has a lot of stairs! I was proclaiming Jesus healing over my foot, refusing to accept the thought that it could be permanently damaged. This was Sunday morning and as the day went on and I traversed the stairs at church and stood up to teach Discipleship Training, at some point, it dawned on me that my foot was NOT hurting! When I got home after eating lunch, it started hurting again. The prayers started again. Confessing the word, fighting the lies from Satan. I got up this morning and once again I was limping a little and it was hurting, and I continued the fight in the spirit and I exercised, not allowing the pain to stop me. Well it’s been hours and while traversing the stairs, it dawned on me, once again that my foot is not hurting! I began to chuckle to myself and the thought came that all along God was performing a healing work. So many times we pray and when we don’t see immediate results, we give up! We lose faith! When all along, if we just hang on, and allow the healing work to continue, we will indeed see a healing!
Isn’t it amazing how Satan was telling me, “You’ve really done it now! It will never heal at your age, you’re screwed!” But in my spirit I was hearing and saying the exact opposite, and today, a chuckle at my flesh, as I relish in the the goodness of God!

Wait while the healing work is being accomplished! God is good, ALL the time!


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