Turned Over To Satan

Turned Over to Satan

In Acts 5:5 we find a believer who has fallen for Satan’s temptation and sinned. He was enticed by his own lust and gave into this fleshly desires, making excuses for his actions I’m sure, in order to justify it. While his father was still living, he was sleeping with his step-mother.  The Greek word for "sexual immorality,"porneia, covered all forbidden sexual activity, including incestuous sex with a relative, whether biological, adopted, or by marriage. Paul takes this sin seriously, but it seems the other believers weren’t, and were even allowing it. Paul JUDGES this action and takes action! He calls for all the believers to turn this one over to Satan, for physical discipline, to destroy the carnal lusts of his flesh, so that his spirit might be saved and in hopes that the person repents.

Thinking about this, I can see where this is advisable. Harsh maybe, but would you rather burn in hell? Satan is after us all, and if one is luke warm, not sold out to Jesus being their Lord, they are open already to the persuasion of Satan.

If God takes away the restraints and allows Satan to have his way, that person will be faced with the demonic realm like never before! The blinders will fall from their eyes. They will see the unseen realm that has been messing with them their entire lives. They will know and experience evil first hand in a way that God never wanted them to know. But in his great mercy, he allows His child to know good and evil and then decide.

Many choose evil out of ignorance, but the believer who has known the goodness of God and still chooses evil is in a precarious place. For those who believe in “once saved always saved”, pay attention. Or for the believer who is CHOOSING knowingly to live in sin, heed Paul’s warning!

“You are to deliver this man over to Satan…. that (his) spirit may (yet) be saved….” 1 Cor 5:5

I have seen it many times, the Lord brings conviction and confronts a believer about their sin. He calls them to let it go. If they won’t, this is the time to turn them over to Satan, that they might experience the reality of their decision, hopefully come to their senses and repent.

Whoever loves instruction, and correction loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof, is like a brute, beast, stupid and indiscriminating. Prov 12:1

Read 1 Tim 1:20, 2 Tim 2:17 for Paul once again turning believers over to Satan, not for sin but for doctrinal error!

Paul took sin seriously.  Why?  Because it destroys the soul in hell.  


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