The Door

I read a great short story called The Door of Evil in Jonathon Cahn’s book, The Book of Mysteries. He talked about Proverbs 5:3-8 concerning the house of the prostitute, concerning the temptation of sexual sin. “Keep your way FAR from her. And do not come near to the door of her house.”

“It’s not enough to stay away from temptation-you must make it your aim to stay away from THE DOOR of the temptation. Think about it; what is more alluring, a person trying to seduce you or a door?
“The person of course.”
“Which is more tempting, a substance that would addict you or a door?”
“And which is more likely to harm you or make you fear, a dangerous situation, or a door?”
“The dangerous situation, of course.”
“Exactly. So, instead of dealing with the person, or the suspense, or the situation of danger, deal with the door. Deal with the door, annual avoid the temptation.”
“And the door is what exactly?”
“The door is not the temptation, nor the sin. It’s that which would lead you to the temptation and the sin. That’s the key. Make it your aim not only to avoid the temptation. Locate the door to the temptation and then stay as far as away from it as possible. For it is the wise who, instead of dealing with temptation and sin, deal with doors.”

One thing can deliver you, if you have passed through the threshold of the door and that is Jesus. Humble yourself and surrender to His care.


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