I’m so thankful for Ephesians 2:1-2 and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Transgender is our latest social and societal issue. Prior to that it was Black Lives Matter. It’s always something. Satan is always at work rousing the crowd to a frenzy over something, just as we see him doing throughout the Bible.

A documentary has been made exposing the dark side of transgenderism. Notice how we only ever hear one side of the story! AMC theaters was going to show it but have now backed out, further keeping the truth from the public.

One story I hear from all these people, is this. As children they felt left out. Insecure, unloved, not apart, etc.; in other words going through the childhood stage we all go through, of trying to find ourselves and figure out why we’re here. Parents concerned about the mental state of their kids, sought out the medical profession, who advised the parents, that if they didn’t support these feelings (vain imaginations), then their child might commit suicide or the chance of committing suicide was great.

I wonder what Jon and Olivia on the show “The Waltons” would have done in the 30’s during the depression, when you were lucky to even see a doctor, when their daughter Mary-Ellen, a Tom-boy, regularly declared her boy-hood, and the fact that she was not getting married, she wanted no babies and she saw the injustice of the woman having to do all the housework, cooking & cleaning! I’m sure Mary-Ellen would have been a prime candidate today for sex reassignment surgery!!!!

In real life:
Marion Hamner Hawkes inspired the character of Mary Ellen. She described herself as the "tomboy" of the family. Marion liked to play golf and paint. She created a series of note cards and a cookbook. Marion lived in the Williamsburg, VA area with her husband Glenn, a retired psychologist. They served as volunteers at Colonial Williamsburg's Information Center. They have two sons, Robert and William.Marion passed away on November 22, 2004 at the age of 74

Ephesians 2 explains what these children are going through. The problem is there is there is no one in their lives speaking truth to them, only supporting the lies.  (Read that again)

I don’t have enough room to quote the entire chapter of Eph 2 here, so I hope that you will read it on your own, and be one God can use to speak truth to young people and like Mary-Anne who grew up perfectly normal, shedding her tom-boy ways and getting married to a man. Some thing’s are just a part of life and WILL pass, especially with a little help from God’s people.

But now in Christ Jesus, you who once were (so) far away, through (by,in) the blood of Christ have been brought near. Eph 2:14


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