Creative Miracles

Jesus did not heal the sick in order to coax them to be Christians. He healed them because it was his nature to heal.  Luke 6:19

Healing was evidence of Gods forgiveness, heavens testimony that their sins were remembered no more.

Creative miracles. The Old Testament tells us every thing we need to know. The healing of the man born blind is a prime example. So simple and yet so profound. Study the old and look for the old in the new. The man born blind, had a break down of creation where his eyes were concerned. He was not born as others. His eyes were not fully formed. But today we think because the creative process broke down at birth the person is doomed. Not so! Jesus got a handful of dirt that man was made from, spit in it to create a salve, prayed over it and a creative miracle occurred, where the natural creative miracle of forming eyeballs left off! The man’s eyes were finished being created! Pure love poured out to this man, that because of Adam and Eve’s sin, creation failed. But Jesus forgave and set right, all through love.

This shows the distinction between healings and miracles. Miracles are creative. Healing is a restoration of what has been.

All His miracles shouted to us the defeat of sin, sickness and death.

We’ve had a great miracle occur at Freedoms Light. It’s not abnormal! Miracles are taking place all the time. Come Sunday and hear the testimony! We overcome by the blood and the word of our testimony.


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