A Gardener's Look Part 7

From A Gardener’s Look at the Fruit of the Spirit by Phillip Keller
The final look

7.The Master’s Footprints

There is a very ancient saying in agriculture that “The finest fertilizer on a gardener’s ground are his own footprints.”

The attentive enthusiastic gardener does not, like strangers and outsiders, limit himself just to the pathways. His feet do not pound and abuse the same places with their persistent passing. Rather he moves gently, tenderly, and carefully over every square foot of ground. He knows each tree, plant, shrub, and flower that flourishes on his land. He literally loves them into abundant profusion and rich production.

If anyone should walk through my life, it should be He who tends me, cares for me, knows all about me. And longs to improve the garden of my life. This is none other than God Himself. He is the great and good gardener, the Husbandman who loves me.

The final choice as to who or what shall dominate the garden of my life pretty much depends on me. God does not choose my friends, my reading material, my music, my pleasures, my ambitions or my thoughts for me. I do.

Will I allow the the Master’s footprints to enrich the soil of my soul? Or do I prefer to let worldly ways harden my soul against His good plan for my life.


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