A Gardener's Look Part 6

From the book A Gardener’s Look at the Fruit of the Spirit by Phillip Keller

6. Our private thought life

“It has been well said that “I am what I think about when alone-not what I pretend to be in public.” That is a most sobering and searching statement. It strips away the facade and false front. This is the way God, our Father, knows and sees us. He alone has carefully examined, explored, and investigated every square foot of the little garden of our lives. Having gone over all the ground with great care, He alone knows that there are some areas, some beaten pathways where He simply cannot get a single seed of His own gracious life to grow.”

“…the ground of our persistent old thought patterns is the toughest soil He has ever had to tackle. For those who think hard thoughts, there lies hard soil that will not yield to God’s good care.  Only the deepest convicting work of God’s Gracious Spirit in the soil can begin to alter such tough soil. And until that happens the fruit of godliness cannot come from that ground.”

Won’t you surrender your hardest ground today to Him?


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