A Gardener's Look Part 4

From A Gardener’s Look at the Fruit of the Spirit by Phillip Keller

The pursuit of pleasure

“…a people totally given over to the pursuit of pleasure, ease, and luxury. For many, pleasure itself has become the main occupation in life. To indulge one’s self in some sort of sensual experience has become a mania.”

“Pleasures in so many sorts can become an obsession. They tyrannize our time and dominate our days. Their constant demands upon us begin to beat a path through the brief span of our little lives. Such pleasures command so much of our thought, energy, and means that those areas they control are land in our lives lost to God.”

“Our Father, the Gardener of our lives, looks for tillable soil in which to produce such graces. But sad to say, sometimes our days are so packed with pleasure they pass without producing a single fruit of benevolence that will endure throughout eternity. We are too preoccupied.”

Examine your life today. How much time are you spending on pleasure? Could you find that some pleasure could go, in order to seek God? Your life is what YOU make it!


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