A Gardener's Look Part 3

A Gardener’s Look
Part 3

From A Gardener’s Look at the Gifts of the Spirit by Phillip Keller.

3) the music we listen to continually

“It may come as somewhat of a shock to some readers to discover that the wrong sort of music can harden us against God. “

“There is a hard, harsh music coming out of the contorted culture of men apart from God. It depicts and reflects the fierce emotions and passionate despair of men in darkness. It creates enormous stress and impassioned emotions with its relentless beat.”

“If allowed to do so, it also can beat its way into the very personality of people. In the hands of evil men it is capable of enormous damage to the minds and emotions of the young. Noble convictions and lofty restraints can be broken down through the implacable pounding of ‘mad’ music.”

“One of the most insidious dangers is that it distracts men and women from the things of God’s Spirit. Instead they become fascinated with the old natural life. Their emotions are aroused and their passions inflamed. The whole personality may be set upon a perverse way of conduct contrary to God’s best intentions for his children.”

“Unfortunately some of the music now passes amongst God’s people as acceptable. Little do some realize how seriously they have been deluded. Their affections have been taken captive and their wills have been set hard against God.”

Think about the music you listen to. Pay attention to the way it makes you feel. Ask yourself how you feel about the singer. If it’s not uplifting you, if it’s not causing you to love Jesus more, then let it go.


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