A Gardener's Look, Part 2

A Gardener’s Look, Part 2

The second strong influence which beats a path through our lives is the reading or viewing material which we allow our minds and emotions to be exposed.

“What sort of books do I read? What kind of magazines, journals, and newspapers do I digest? What type of television or radio programs do I follow?”

“In this whole area we are more than creatures of habit. We acquire certain insatiable appetites and preferences for special periodicals, programs or professional performers. In fact, they become almost a mania, becoming like clay in the hands of the author, writer or producer. We are pounded and compacted by the relentless pressures that play upon us until our convictions set like cement.”

“Many of the men and women who dominate the media either in publishing or programming are non-Christians. Some are violently anti-God. Such set out in subtle but severe ways to undermine and destroy the quiet faith of God’s people. Through means of insidious suggestions, doubt, disparagement, and despair they endeavor to undermine our confidence in Christ.”

“The total tragedy of all that is, that steady and surely certain patterns of worldly thought and philosophy beat their way through our lives. As Solomon, the great sage, wrote centuries ago; ‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.’”Prov. 14:12

“In the end, we are the sum total of all our choices. The decisions as to what I shall allow my mind, my emotions, will, and spirit to be exposed to rests with me. Whether or not my life shall be intractable or mellow under Gods good hand in large part depends upon who I permit to beat a path through it.”

Examine your path today!


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