Mind Mates


Recently I was recounting my testimony with a friend and it got me to thinking. I was so wrapped up on the inside, in my soul about pleasing people, measuring up to people, and yet, I was very rebellious and would fight societal norms if I disagreed. In other words, I was a mess!

When my attention and my mind was stayed on Him, Isaiah 26:3, I did well, but then Satan would send tormentors my way to critique and criticize and that would get my mind turned away from my Lord and back onto myself and what people thought. I was worn down by this!

I heard it said, “No one can hurt you, that you don’t place value in”.  I was placing too much value in people, when I should have been valuing the Lord!

Satan almost destroyed me through people, but God never left me, He never forsook me. The Holy Spirit knew I had gotten my attention off of who I was in Christ, and got me to focus on what sinful man thought about me. The Holy Spirit saved me, turned me back around, and never let me get totally away from Him.

No matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve been through, keep your focus and attention on Him. See yourself the way He sees you, and put NO value on what anyone says about you, or how they see you. This way, you will walk in peace and you will live the life God wants you to live, because He will live through you, but He won’t share the space with anyone, unless you invite them in! There is no room for a roommate in your soul!

The only way to make it is to believe what God says about you, not fallen man. I don’t care who they are! No mind-mates for me!


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