Amazing What We've Been Taught!

I was under the impression from somewhere, that Peter had made a statement, that Paul’s writings were hard to understand. Remember that in 2 Peter 3:16?

Well, I went back and read it. First the verse, then the chapter for context, then the chapter before to double check the context. So why not the one after? Because there isn’t one!

In Chapter two, it’s all about false prophets and debase, sinful humans. More like animals than humans actually; those loving the darkness. Enslaved, some even having tasted the goodness of God, like a dog returning to its own vomit, these people turn back to sin.

Now in the next chapter, the final chapter in the book or the ending of the letter, Peter continues to warn true believers of mockers and scoffers of Christ who walk after the flesh and not the spirit!

Read the rest on your own. It’s a warning about people who use their logic and opinions and lose out with Christ. They refuse to be led by the Holy Spirit. Then he encourages believers to put away flesh and think on the Lord Jesus, just as Paul encouraged YOU to do. In Verse 16 Peter then makes mention of the difficult things that Paul writes about and how people who don’t read the Word and are ignorant of the Word, twist it and misconstrue it, to their own destruction, just like they twist and distort ALL of scripture.

This is why YOU must take time to read the Word and read it for YOURSELF!


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