Bought & Paid For

Bought & Paid For

This week I posted a devotion on the semicolon used in a sentence. Where there is a semi colon or a colin, both are used to connect two thoughts. So when 2 Pet 2:24 states that Jesus paid for our sins on the cross AND bore and paid for my diseases, well the Holy Spirit has been talking to me about this.

If my house is paid for, do you think I’m going to make one more payment? If my car is paid for and the loan company calls me and says to make another payment because they need the money, what do you think my answer will be?

Jesus paid for EVERY disease known to man and yet I have lived my whole life thinking that I had to accept them! Sure I’ve begged God to heal me or my loved ones. Sure I’ve prayed, hoping the Lord would have mercy and heal, but that’s not how it works! That’s no different than me continuing to make a house payment when the mortgage was paid in full!

The Holy Spirit is showing me that I’m the one who let it in. Sure, out of ignorance but that doesn’t matter. He paid and I let it in. Disease is apart of the sin nature, apart of the fall. Wellness and healing are apart of the new man that Jesus died to give me. So it’s my job not to make any more payments!!! It’s my job to get MAD and tell Satan to be gone, my house (my body) is paid for!!!!!

Get mad today and STOP making payment on something Jesus already paid for!


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