And You Think They'll Save You?

I believe we in US have been lulled to sleep. Fed, diapered and rocked by the great dragon, Satan. Rocked right to sleep, where we believe and swallow lies by the boat load. Lies that our doctor will cure what ever ails us. Lies that the government will be there for us, and yet we saw where the doctor’s loyalties lay during the pandemic and we can sure see on what side our government is on. How about the elite, calling for the extermination of life for the continuation of the planet? Prince Phillip wanting to come back as a deadly virus to kill off the “breathers”! Thankfully, he’s safe and secure in his eternal home. Elon Musk regularly warning the public of the “demons” being unleashed, referring to AI, while he is himself is one of the main proponents.

When Hitler began showing his real colors, many Jews fled. It was hard to leave their country, go to a foreign land, where they could not perhaps speak the language, but they got out. There is no new world for us to go to. The entire world is ripe and ready for the end time evil to take control. For those who hate God, they love death. And death is the topic of the day, everywhere you turn.

All that said to answer the question I was asked, “Should we prepare?” The first thing I thought of was Joseph. God Himself sent Joseph to prepare! Joseph stored enough grain to carry an entire nation through a drought for 7 years, and at the end making pharaoh unbelievably rich, bc the people themselves had not prepared.

The word prepare is listed 159 times. Here’s just one: The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it. I think it’s foolish not to prepare if you can. Too many are depending on the government and in the mean time are a burden to their families. But what if the day comes that the government is not there? Let’s learn while we have time, to trust the Lord, prepare as He provides and guides, and never put your trust in doctors, government, or any man, for they never died for you.


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