Jumping OUT of His Hands

Ever been down? Ever been truly depressed? Ever thought about ending it? Ever felt hopeless?

In my early life, I felt all of those. Although I had a good home and two parents, life was hard. Not because I lacked anything but because I was born into a wicked world and I was separated from God. Life apart from a relationship with the Lord Jesus, not in a religious, outward form, (for you cannot know the Lord in the flesh) but in my inner most being, my spirit. I grew up in the Bible Belt, where there was a church on every corner, instead of a bar, and everyone went to church. But as a child, I remember lying on a hill beside our house, looking up in the sky, wondering why I was here, and asking myself what this is all about. I instinctively knew there was a God and something was amiss!

Later, at about 13, I heard what it was that was amiss and I believed what the Lord Jesus did to right the wrongs and bring me unto Himself. But I kept jumping out of His hands! I still do, even today. Sometimes life gets overwhelming and my soul, my mind, my will & emotions take over and I jump right out of His hands! I jump right out of the very Ones hands that WILL give me comfort and WILL provide answers. Sometimes I need help to get back in. The climb in, is a little hard when your emotions have run away like an out of control team of horses!

When things appear to be falling apart, remember what all God has done for you in the past! Praise Him for what He did then and remembering those times will bring you faith and hope for the current situation. Then pray in the Spirit! Allow the Spirit of the Living God to pray through you, to intercede on your behalf.  Read the Word, which is filled with people in trouble, whom God rescued. Ask Him for a Word to comfort you and build your spirit with hope and faith.

Don’t jump out, jump in! For He alone has the answers to life. (Ez 37:3)

And every day, (with its new reasons),will I bless you (affectionately, and gratefully praise you); yes, I will praise Your name, forever and ever. Ps 145:2


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