We all have them. We all use them, but one day, all our excuses will not stand the test.

I can’t
I don’t like
I don’t feel
I don’t want to
I’m not into that

Notice “I” is the center of each of those statements.

What excuse could Daniel use when taken by King Nebuchadnezzar? I don’t feel like serving you, o king! His head would have been separated from his body! No, Daniel set out to excel and to be a good servant to the evil conquering king! Hmmmm…. Now that is something to think about! Daniel set out to do as he was told, without dishonoring his God.  

What will it take for you to do the same? We can’t seem to lay aside our pride, our selfishness, our sin, to honor our great King. We boast of our goodness, our calling, while we are being swallowed by sin. And then we wonder why our lives and our families which we influence are going to pot?

Daniel’s success as a very young man came because of his made up mind. He followed God with an undivided heart. He did not compromise. He made no excuses and chose not to participate in bad behavior. As a result Daniel was gifted supernaturally with wisdom, skill and favor.

Stop the excuses!


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