God's Real View of Women Part 3

“There are always problems in life. A weak woman is controlled or shepherded by those problems, a strong woman is the one who shepherds life. As a shepherd, she directs her life where she wants it to go. She may have to go through trouble, but she will face it with confidence, ability, and the expectation of conquering it. Look at the words in English that “chayil” represents. These are words of power, wealth, and capability that can control the events of life. It does not matter if life is easy or hard, it will, at different times, be both for all of us. What matters, is whether we are controlled by life or if we become shepherds.”

“What does it take for women to become what God has called them to be - mighty warriors? The answer is for women to no longer weekly step back, but to boldly step forward as allie’s. And men must realize that they are called to support women, and trust their power. When men and women function together, something remarkable happens: they reveal God.”

“When we are enemies, God’s image will never be revealed. We need to understand how to become best friends and allies.”

Makes Genesis 2:18 make more sense, “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help MEET for him.”

Which means “ally”! Eve was created to be an ally to Adam. The perfect ally! The Hebrew portrays a military ally who sees the enemy.

How does God see woman of God? As a mighty warrior and a perfect ally! “We can win the war for our families, and God’s values, if men and women of God become allie’s and mighty warriors.

“No matter how you write it, she is a Mighty Warrior!”


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