God's Real View of Women Part 2

“Chayil” in Hebrew = Strength, might, power, valor
“Fortem” in Latin Vulgate = diligent, vigorous, strong, active, bold, worthy
“Strong” in Wycliffe Bible = a strong woman
“Valiant” in Douay-Rheims = a valiant woman
“ in Jerusalem Publication Society = “Valour”, a woman of valour

Remember the question from yesterday? Why does it say, “so he (her husband) will have no lack of gain?” Let’s see!

“She is not only “chayil”, powerful like an army, but Proverb's 31:11 makes it clear that her power has an impact on her husband, her ally.”

The heart of her husband SAFELY TRUSTS in her, and he shall have no lack of SPOILS.

“Chayil is used to describe a woman as a warrior who helps her husband conquer life is seen in verse 11 where when her husband trusts her he has no lack of ‘shalal’ or SPOILS.”

“…the concept of security and safety without fear. Used for actively trusting; of putting one’s hopes and confidence in someone. It is the perfect word for an ally that you put your trust in, whom you trust with your life in the midst of the battle”

“Her power and his trust make her a strong ally that he depends upon during a crisis. She is never viewed as an enemy, but instead is the one he trusts no matter what they are facing TOGETHER.”

“Proverbs 31:11 makes it clear that when we battle the enemy, instead of each other, there is victory instead of misery.”

“Along with victory, comes the spoils of war. Instead of destroying each other. We will conquer new territory and enlarge the boarders of our lives. The choice is simple, we may either destroy each other, or together we may enjoy the rewards of victory.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 3, the finale.


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