The Hiding Place

In Psalm 119 I counted 54 prayers of David. 54 prayers David cried to the Lord, in one way or another, not for riches, honor, fame. Not for his wives, or for his kids, but rather that God might impart to him knowledge of His Word.

David knew and talks about the evil world that he lived in. He talked about his enemies and the people who came against him, but David knew where is strength lay and where his help was coming from.

We toil, we worry, we cry, we plead, we beg, when all along the words to overcoming life are found in Psalms 119. A real man, with real problems. Problems that very few of us can even imagine, and yet he tells us his secret to success! His success was not in psychology or man’s wisdom. It wasn’t in education or money, but his secret to success was calling out to God for understanding of His Word!

Sitting by your bed or on your coffee table is every answer to your troubled life. 54 times in that one Psalm David cried out to God for the answer to life; knowledge of Gods Word. Will you continue on fretting and worrying, when your answers are in front of your nose? True life is found in the Spirit. Not in the natural.

Look for the 54 prayers David prayed to find life. If you’re fed up, if you need help, if you don’t know the answers, look to the One who does and make time for the Word, NOT just a devotion about the Word. It is NOT the same thing.

You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your Word. Ps 119:114

David didn’t say he hoped in God. He didn’t say he hoped in a devotion. He said he hoped in His WORD!!!!

Think about it!


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