The Amazing Psalm

Psalm 119 is amazing!!!! Oh if I had only known these truths early in my life, how much different I would have been.

Look at 119:32 I will (not merely walk, but) run the way of Your commandments, when YOU give me a heart that is willing.

My whole life I misunderstood the Gospel, thinking the onus was on me, but the entire Psalm 119 is David putting the onus on God!!!!

It is God who calls us. It is God who gives us a new heart. It is God who teaches us a new way to live. It is God who gives us understanding and makes our path straight. It’s God who makes us prosper. It’s God who heals our body. It’s God who reveals the unknown.

David realized where the answers to life lay. David realized where life itself could be found. And most of all, he realized it was free for the taking! David realized the power of the Word and how it lighted his path. He realized how truly good God was and how when things went horribly wrong, he could hide in Him.

When you realize like David that it’s not about YOU, but rather it’s all about HIM, and as you surrender it all to Him, THEN He will do marvelous things in your life. As long as you toil, fret, work and worry, you will have the world’s results. But you can live a life of sheer joy and peace, simply by giving up.

Read SLOWLY Psalm 119 today. It’s a long chapter, so don’t rush. Think about the many key insights to life contained therein. Pray what David prayed. Write down his prayers, “Remove from me the way of falsehood and unfaithfulness, teach me, O Lord. Give me understanding. Make me go in the path of Your commandments. Incline my heart to Your testimonies. Turn away my eyes from beholding vanity. Establish Your word and confirm your promises. Turn away my reproach. Let you mercy and loving kindness come to me.”

You see David knew the answers to life, and they’re found in surrendering to Him and allowing HIM to do ALL the work that needs to be done.

Are you ready yet to let go of the reigns?


P.S. Each chapter  begins with the Hebrew Alphabet in perfect order!

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