The Gift

The Gift

My birthday was April 28th and I received the most beautiful card, with two paragraphs of hand written, love filled words about my calling from the Lord and how the Lord has used me in someone’s life to teach them the Word. It was a very ENCOURAGING personal note and card. One that made me want to get up tomorrow and try again. Besides that, it had money in it! So why am I telling you this? Because today is May the 31st! The LAST day of May and I just opened it!!!

I went to my closet, where a gift bag has been sitting. Everyday just about, I would look at this gift bag on the floor and think, “I need to put that up.” And everyday, I would leave it sitting right there on the floor for yet another day. Today, I remembered the pretty little flowered gift bag and thought the size would be perfect for the gift I was going to bestow tonight. As I placed my gift in the bag, I noticed a card between the bag and the tissue paper. I pulled out the card and exclaimed, “I never opened it!!!!” I then proceeded to open it, and out dropped money, a scripture card and this beautifully encouraging hand-written note!

I thought, is this not how we are with the Word of God? God wrote these supernatural words down, that Corrie Ten Boom desired to get her hands on more than any other desired thing, while held prisoner in a concentration camp! She didn’t desire food, which she had little. She didn’t desire medicine, she had none. She desired the Word of God.

The supernatural Word of God that changes every life that dares dive into it! Even those who don’t believe it will work, are changed and yet I hear over and over excuses for not reading it. It’s like not signing up for FREE employer paid benefits, like leaving a beautiful birthday card with money and encouraging words in the gift bag. His promises do not work no matter how you may pray, no matter how you beg, for God expects you to take out His Word, open it and He promises that what falls out, in promises and blessings will be for you!

The book that contains every answer to life and eternity is waiting for you. Don’t go another day without it! You may not know yet the blessings you’re leaving in the book!


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