Why We Must Know

Why Must We Know

Why must we know history? I watched a very disturbing movie called Agora,
about Ancient Egypt. It took place In a public open space, used for assemblies and markets, where a statute of an idol stood.

I thought it was going to be about the discovery of how the solar system worked but it was far from that! It was more a movie about social unrest, opening with a monk, a preacher, walking through fire and then throwing an aristocrat into the fire!

The director of the film, Alejandro Amenabar, is an atheist. By his own admission he was born and raised in a Christian family, then became an agnostic and later an atheist.

The movie supposedly has many historical flaws but the sect of Christians that it betrays are true. “Even so, the early persecution of Christians did not result in the same depth of loss as the later persecution of the pagans by the Christians. The loss of ancient knowledge contained in pagan writings aside, the rise of Christianity resulted in a decline in personal hygiene, ignorance of some of the most basic instruments and methods used in medical and dental practice, a decline in the status of women, an abrupt halt to the practice of philosophical inquiry, and the overall neglect of the things of this world, including basic upkeep of cities, in favor of contemplation of the greater, better, world to come.”

Jesus never told us to harm or persecute anybody! He said to LOVE. He said to FORGIVE. This movie showed ALL people, Christian and pagan as fallen humanity, with evil hearts, and that is precisely why Jesus came. To give us NEW hearts. Hearts of LOVE. Violence never solves anything. This is why we need to know history, because we are headed back toward the age old way of  violence, and nobody wins when violence is used.

Rom 1:22-32
Matt. 15:8-9


Quote from World History Encyclopedia Historical Accuracy in the Film Agora

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