Your Past

How awesome to realize just what He did for me!  He rescued me from a fallen world, a fallen sin nature that I was born with! I like how the Amplified says it: Gal. 1:4 "Who gave (yielded) Himself up (to atone) for our sins (and to save and sanctify us), in order to RESCUE and DELIVER us from this present wicked age and world order, in accordance with the will and purpose and plan of our God and Father."

Saul was equivalent to a Nazi SS!  And Jesus died to save Saul from himself!  Saul was so thrilled, that he couldn't understand anyone who came to know the truth and then went back to their former life, or who are believing lies they are being told about Christ.  Saul, now Paul realized the work of Christ was no natural work.  He recognized that He (Jesus) was not of this world, but became apart of this world in order to save us, Gal 1:13.

Paul knew what happened to him was a miracle.  "An they glorified God (as the Author and Source of what had taken place) in me." Gal 1:24

Paul did nothing to save himself.  He couldn't!  Paul did nothing to keep himself!  He simply listened to the Holy Spirit and yielded his flesh to Him.  He was not influenced by mere men.  He basically ignored men, and yielded only to what the Holy Spirit told him. Gal 1:16

He was hated by the religious Jews and they wanted to kill him.  He was feared by the Christian Jews who heard of his murderous acts. With whom could he confer?  He had to find his peace with God alone.  He didn't allow his past to hinder his future!  Why should you? Your past doesn't have to write your future!


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