Good Enough

Saul's conversion should give hope to us all.  Saul a religious zealot, no better than the modern Taliban.  No better than than the Catholic Inquisitors.  A killer in the name of religion, and yet God called Saul and Saul listened!  Saul is the example for us all of how God can call the worst of the worst and replace their stoney heart.  

In Acts 9:4-6 we read of Saul's conversion.  The moment of salvation.  The moment Saul surrendered ALL to Christ, his stoney heart replaced and His identity begun as Paul.  But the story doesn't stop there!  The blinded Paul, sitting in isolation for 3 days, pondering the events, searching his heart, I'm sure not knowing what was going to be his future, but God sent Paul a vision.  His first.  He saw a man coming, laying hands on him and his vision restored.  But what he didn't' know, was not only his physical sight would be opened but his spiritual eyes would be opened as well through the baptism, the infilling of the third member of the Trinity, the same Holy Spirit that Jesus was baptized and filled with, Acts 9:17.

If you read the event you will see the example from someone who gave us 2/3 of the New Testament!  He was born again as proven by Ananias calling him "Brother Saul", then being filled with the Holy Spirit.

"And Ananias went away and entered into the house; and having laid the hands upon him, he said, 'Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, the One having appeared to you on the road by which you were coming, has sent me that you may see again and be filled of the Holy Spirit.'"

After this his sight returned and he was baptized in water.

If it was good enough for Jesus and it was good enough for Paul, why would you want to fall short? Be filled today.


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