Have You Ever?

Have you ever been sitting still in a car with the car  in park and the car next to you moves and you freak out?  Jeff said that happened to him a couple time in his semi, parked between two other semi's and one of them moved and he FELT he moving and began hitting  the air brakes which were already in park and when hit again they make a loud noise.

Many a  pilot who fly by sight, have been killed because they couldn't overcome their FEELINGS and fly by the instruments to safely.  I can imagine how horrible and overwhelming this is, just by what I've experienced being in a parked car!  It is overwhelming to the  senses and yet it is a LIE! A flat out lie! I  would  bet money that I was moving and yet I was sitting perfectly still!  My feelings were deceiving me ad yet it seemed so real!

Our feelings lie to us often. Satan lies to us and we believe his lies. Familiar spirits come and entice us with false feelings.  Feelings that will lead us to death.  No human being knows peace until you know Jesus. And He demands nothing of you but simply to come!  Call on Him and He will do the rest.  You simply must be willing.

Don't be led by your feelings anymore because your feelings lie to you, deceive you and will eventually destroy you.  Call on Jesus today.  He wants to be our Savior and your friend.

I am the door.  If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.  John 10:9

Jesus is real.  Not a feeling, not a religion, not a myth.  Have you ever?

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