Fairies and Christmas

I’ve been professionally Decorating homes for Christmas for over 30 years and many homes have the Mark Robert’s fairies, which Mark says are made “with a playfully mischievous flair.” So what do fairies have to do with Christmas and why have they been such the rave for so long? Glad you asked!

We tend to accept what ever comes along, and we typically don’t question it or think about its source or meaning. Mark said concerning his fairies “I hope that others feel this same energy when they hold one of my fairies.” Hmmmm….

TV tells all! Crimea, unicorns, fairies & elves. I never took mythology in school, because I went to a Christian school. But evidently it is a key course still today and takes priority over teaching children the truth of Thanksgiving and the reason for the Pilgrims coming here.

You may think this is all in innocent fun, but you might need to delve deeper. People believe in this stuff! They believe fairies are here to help us, even though one site I read knows that they “can be evil”, but the writer chooses to believe they are all good.

*Coincidentally, and shockingly, another gentleman named Mark Roberts pursued a religion based upon the belief in fairies in early 1960s England. Rather than seeing fairies as just cute décor accessories, his tradition incorporated Wiccan and Dianic cult practices, (goddesses Diana and Artemis).

“Fairies were the Shining Ones of the Cathar Elven race; they were the ones to light the way….known in lore as the Shining Ones, dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, to the Grail bloodline of the Anunnaki (Nephilim) the original Shining Ones. (Gen 6:4)The Shining metaphor, of course, is rooted in fallen angels, false gods, and numinous Nephilim allegory. The ancient Shining Ones were the An-Annan-Ne-Ge, “the Fiery Sons of Heaven.”

Among the lampstands with someone “like the son of man“ dressed in a robe, reaching down to his feet, and with the golden sash around his chest. His head and hair were white, like wool, as wide as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. His feet were like bronze, glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. Rev 1:13-15

Jesus is the only Shining One and these are imposters! Do your research! Find out what is behind these crazes and fads before you open your home to spirits that you may not want there after all! And let's keep Christ in Christmas. 


The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, by Gary Wayne

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