Like Minded

Ben Shapiro posted a video exposing the ridiculous talking point of the West, that we all think the same, or should. If you don’t think the same, it’s racism, he says. But the truth is, we don’t think the same! All these people coming into our country are not from here, duh! And they don’t know how to think like we do.

Christopher Caldwell writing in Imprimis a publication of Hillsdale College said this: “John Mearsheimer, a professor at the University of Chicago, is a forceful representative of Keenan‘s viewpoint. (One architect of NATO who was against accepting Ukraine into NATO) Mearsheimer is skeptical, of idealist crusades, like the one in Iraq that George W. Bush drew the country into in 2003. He thinks President Bush dramatically overestimated the degree to which the US could spread its values and its institutions. In light of present events, he, especially faults Bush’s push to bring the former Soviet republics of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO in 2008.” Amazing the impact a president can have on our futures!  

Prov 23:7 tells us what to think. “for, as he thinks in his heart, so is he. As one who reckons, he says to you, eat, and drink, yet his heart is not with you, (but grudging the cost).

Increasingly the West is turning their thinking from God. The rest of the world certainly has no place for God in their thoughts and as the thoughts go, so goes the man. God tells us to conform our thoughts to Him not the world, Rom 12:2.

No we don’t think alike, therefore different countries cannot seamlessly meld together like we are being told. We must choose to think like God and cast down any wrong thinking. Stay safe, stay hidden in Him!


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