Christians, Jews, & LGBTQ+

Christians and Jews do not hang homosexuals from crain’s in the public square. *“To put it simply, you are only a Muslim if you believe in Islam and not the LGBT propaganda.”

**”At another level, though, it’s no joking matter. In Iran today, lavat (sodomy) is a capital offence and people are frequently executed for it. In Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania, sodomy is also punishable by death – though no executions have been reported (by the Muslim governments) for at least a decade.” They aren’t going to report it!

It depends on the country and who’s in charge at the time, whether it is an offense unto prison or death. According to the UN website: “In some 77 countries, discriminatory laws criminalize private, consensual same-sex relationships – exposing individuals to the risk of arrest, prosecution, imprisonment — even, in at least five countries, the death penalty.”

Amazingly, it is not illegal to be a homosexual in Israel. Israel fights against discrimination against homosexuals.

Concerning Transgender, Based on the Qur”ān (4: 119) that states “God has created everything as it is”, and “changes in one’s body are only allowed under medical circumstances”. This is quite ambiguous, therefore it is once again viewed in different ways, according to the Islamic country in question.

Or take abortion and women’s rights in Islam. In Islam most abortions are forbidden. ***After a generally recognized 120 days after conception, at which time, according to the Hadith, the process of “ensoulment” occurs; that is, the time in which the soul (rūḥ) enters the fetus post-conception, no abortion is allowed for any reason.” And it is a well known fact that women have very few rights, if any. They can’t even take take a “selfie”!

So here’s the million dollar question: “What does Islam have in common with the liberal, democratic left in the US, that we are seeing coalesce today?”  

In a search, I couldn’t find much on this issue past 2016, but at that time a shift occurred. The American Muslim community shifted from Bush to Clinton, because of 9/11, believing by the majority, that their interests would be better protected and typically the Republicans are for Israel and Democrats generally are not. But what the liberal democrat preaching tolerance for LGBTQ+ doesn’t realize, is if Islam takes over, they themselves will be done away with, for their beliefs fly in the face of the very religion they were upholding!

Christian’s do not want homosexuals or anyone else to be killed for their views and beliefs, even their actions. Jews have lived with different religions since their call by God through Abraham. They know how to live among those with vastly different beliefs and do not call for the death of these people.

Maybe this thing should be run through the filter of the mind once more. Maybe history should be taken into consideration  before coming to a non subjective view. Maybe the “NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES” might be considered. Look it up! Those hearts that perpetrated that crime, are no different than the hard, reprobate minds today, that want to kill, to bring forth their own agenda and power.

Jesus came to save man from sin. Sin is separation from God, our creator. He knew the desperate situation of our souls and the hardness of our hearts. He came that we could be free from this torment of sin.

Please consider the facts and the truth before choosing the wrong side. Remember who is really for you and who is pretending to be. Remember when it doesn’t make since, Satan is at work! Come to know the One who wants to save you, not kill you! Come to know the one who wants you to have freedom and joy and life eternal, no matter who you are, what skin you were born in, no matter how deep in sin you are. Come today!


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