Seeds of Love

Did you know that Catholics from an early age are indoctrinated, *“and a barrier to biblical truth is carefully erected in their minds. Catholics are taught that everything that comes from Rome takes precedence over the Bible. Catholics are not taught to think for themselves, and many, do not know why they believe what they do. Many Catholics have no concept of what is written in the Bible other than the two or three passages that are read during mass.”

This goes for the Muslim faith as well. As my dear husband pointed out, this is the same, as my old South upbringing and prejudice against “Yankees”!! Laugh if you want, but I’m really not that old!!! I actually remember though the very first bonafide “Yankee” I ever met! It caused quite a stir and looking back, I’m not sure what I expected, horns protruding from the head possibly? Yes, there were ideological and cultural differences and yes, there were problems that arose in the up coming years as this “Yankee” married into our deeply traditional Southern family. And I think my family would agree, that the barrier from our different childhoods and deeply held beliefs were never broken down. In other words there remained a cultural wall that was never breached.

Jesus is the only One that can breach this cultural, ideological and religious wall ingrained in us, many times from birth. Our “Yankee” relative often times would attack with words that did nothing but cause hurt and furthered the distance between us. Human beings on the unleveled ground of religion and opinion, will always find their relationships teetering. For we were created for a purpose and that is to know and be one with Christ and apart from that closely held belief, common ground will be hard to come by.

So how to reach them? The Lord gave me a revelation in our Women’s Growth Group recently. He showed me that through the example of love passed through the husband and wife, lived out in front of unbelievers, would exemplify Christ love for them.

Another way, is to simply refer to the authority of God’s Word alone. Study, know the Word, so that at least you know enough to look up a verse and share it. The sword is a seed to unbelievers. You speak it forth, as if throwing seed in ground and one seed may find enough decent dirt to start a root. That root produces doubt and causes the person to question their long standing, baseless beliefs. Then another seed is thrown and it lands in a vulnerable spot and it produces a thought, a doubt, a question. All of which open the door to the Holy Spirit to come and do the needed work of showing the person their real state. Pretty soon you have a whole garden growing, producing fruit, dispelling weeds of incorrect beliefs and thinking, and now you’re on level ground!

Be patient, and throw those seeds of the Word out with love.



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