The Way It Was Intended To Be

I always say, “If you don’t understand Genesis, you won’t understand the Bible”, and I’m sticking to that! Why? Because it explains everything as it was intended to be, enabling me to understand why Jesus HAD to come, because nothing was as it was intended to be!

If I don’t understand the fall in the garden, I will go through life miserable, in sin, separated from God and thinking something is wrong with me. I won’t understand why in Revelation, Jesus resurrects the dead body and makes it anew, makes it into a glorified body! In other words, Jesus gives us the body we were intended to have in the first place, to enjoy throughout eternity. *Christ didn’t die and rise from the dead merely to give us coping mechanisms for sin! He gave us a new spirit and later we get the new body.

My friends elderly mother said when she got to heaven, the first thing she wanted to ask God was, “Why he made men the way He did.” The answer is in Genesis and Hosea, possibly the most beautiful example of God’s love for broken mankind outside of the Cross.

Hosea married a prostitute to demonstrate God’s unequaled love for broken man. She wasn’t even thankful and went back to prostitution, leaving her home, her children, her life for nothing and Hosea went after her. A love story of epic proportions! Oh no, not the Hallmark love story of, ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’, but an epic tale of Covenant love, real love. A love that is not in it for self. A love we know little of in our fallen bodies, and yet, Christ has been exemplifying it through object lessons like marriage, since the creation of man.

Read Genesis and understand the plight of man after the fall, so you can understand why Jesus came. Read Hosea, so you can understand our plight and the overwhelming, ever ending, otherworldly love of God and why one day, we will have a new body. A perfect body, the way it was intended to be.


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