Why Thanksgiving?

Kids tell all! Teaching children’s church I get the skinny on todays culture. None of my precious students from public and Christian education could tell me why we celebrate Thanksgiving! Unbeknownst to me, a friend in the church was talking about that very thing that morning. Her 20’s niece told her that the young people today don’t care about Thanksgiving and don’t know what it’s for!  Honestly, I was grieved and appalled.

Remember thanksgiving plays in school,  with some dressed as pilgrims and others dressed as Indians? Remember hearing the story of the Pilgrims being told by our teachers and coloring their funny clothes with crayons? Well evidently all that is gone, I can only assume because of our woke culture and the later mistreatment of the Indians, this portion of history is being erased and now Thanksgiving is just a day to be thankful for what one has, not for the religious freedom that the Pilgrims and Puritans sought.

Iran is the fastest growing Christian population in the world and if someone is found out, you will most likely be killed for your faith. Such as in the case in much of the world. The Pilgrims and Puritans fled religious persecution from the Church of England after the Reformation and were willing to forsake all, to live in peace and freedom. “The newly created Church of England was similar to Catholicism in every way, except instead of the Pope carrying divine authority, it was the British Crown.”

“Every British citizen was expected to attend the Church of England, and those who didn’t were punished by the state. One group of farmers in Northern England, known disparagingly as the Separatists, began to worship in secret, knowing full well that it was treasonous. …they were hunted and persecuted, and many of them faced the loss of their homes and the loss of their livelihood,”

Do young people today ever stop and think why the rest of the world is living under religious tyranny and being killed? India today is one of the top five countries killing Christians. But we in the US are too concerned with the latest TikTok, or video-game to stop ONE day and thank our Great God, that the Pilgrims and Puritans forsook ALL to have a place to worship God without being tortured and killed.

Before all is lost, PLEASE teach your children why Thanksgiving is important to  commemorate and celebrate, for we have new world to flee to!


*the History Channel

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