Knowledge Increased

Knowledge Increased
In the last days knowledge shall increase (Daniel 12:4)
I believe that encompasses two fronts: 1) Man’s knowledge which has now been unleashed, (having been held back over the centuries by God) and 2)knowledge of the Word, understanding of the Bible has increased
Of course knowledge of the Word is increased based on history, hind site being 20/20 and knowledge of what is in the Word as far as emerging technology goes, but it still amazes me the prevailing apathy; the blind, deaf and dumb still going through life unaware that our reality has recently been rocked by prophecy.
Jimmy Evans with the Tipping Point is a great one to watch and he had on his program Jeff Kinley (Jeff of Main Thing Ministries, who wrote a book called ‘God’s Grand Finale’. A book that explains the grand finale as the book of Revelation. In the interview he pointed out a fact that was soooo enlightening, stating that this young generation is so easily deceived and in that deception will come the time of the anti-Christ (AC), his role is to deceive! He went on to say:
“Satan will possess or indwell a man, (for Satan has no physical body in this dimension.) Two men the Bible states have/will been indwelled by Satan himself, Judas and AC. Satan owns the kingdoms of this world but has never been worshipped as the god of this world. AC will be the human person through which he is worshipped. He will have a fatal head wound and will come back to be worshipped. He will be worshipped as God by invading the Jewish Temple (of the real God) proclaiming himself to be God.” (He doesn’t go to a Muslim or Buddhist Temple, oh no! He goes to the true God’s Temple!)
But this is what I thought was so enlightening:
“In the Ez 38 war, AC will wipe out Islam.
Christianity will be taken out with the rapture and Judaism will be taken out because he wants no rivals to be worshipped, except himself! Satan will let the world worship him through miracles, the anti-Christ, the false prophet and the mark of the beast. Satan finally getting what he wants but it’s going to be a short lived kingdom for the Kingdom of our Lord is on its way!”
*Pastor always said it’s not a Muslim who will be AC, for the Jews would never embrace him.
Give these things some thought today, increasing your knowledge and get ready to leave this world!
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