When It Makes No Sense

According to an article I read on BBC, 10/31/2023 with the headline “FBI director warns antisemitism in US reaching 'historic levels’; the article stated Jews make up only about 2.4% of the US public, they account for about 60% of all religious-based hate crimes. Does this make sense to you? Jews are not violent. I have only known 2 in my entire life that I know of, and they were normal Americans!

Did you see that Russia says they “accidentally” shot a rocket into a funeral precession in Ukraine where 51 people were killed and even the UN is calling for Russia to take responsibility? Or how about the on going atrocities by Russian soldiers in Ukraine who shot a family of nine in their home in the Russian-occupied eastern town of Volnovakha and and yet Russia consistently says they don’t target civilians. Funny how I see no street protests against Russian atrocities. I see no university uprising against Russian students. I see no outcry on the news for humanitarian relief for seemingly targeted civilians although denied. So let me ask you, what is the difference?

Ukraine is 5,592 miles from me and Israel is 6424 miles to Gaza. Therefore, people protesting in Atlanta area cannot be doing so based on the locations of these countries to them. Is it based on religion? Well, there are 7 million Jews in Israel, and 16.1 million world wide. There are 300 million Arabs. Hmm…. 8533 sq miles is the land mass of Israel, about the size of New Jersey. It makes NO sense!!!! Where is the outcry for fairness and justice for this tiny nation who has been hated throughout most of man kinds history and for no good reason. A simple look back at history and nations that were friends and then a new leader came that was of a different religion and the hate began.

None of this is logical! And my final point, why won’t the surrounding Middle East nations simply agree to take the Gaza people in? Help them to relocate. Give them some help! But they don’t want them! Hmmmm….

This is spiritual! It makes no logical sense. Read your Bible! Isiah 17, Psalm 84, Jeremiah 49, Obadiah 1:18, 2 Chron 29, is 34:1-6, Jer 1:3, Ez 25:12-14, Is 34:1-6, Joel 3, Zeph 2 and many more!


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