Pastors & Staff

Pastor Jeff Farster 

Pastor Jeff grew up in Northern Illinois on a farm. He has delightful stories to tell concerning his days on the farm and relating it to the Lord. Jeff joined the Navy as a young man and, through a civil-service worker and friend, was introduced to the Lord through the Alberto Series, published by Chic Publications. Having grown up Lutheran and then converting to Catholicism as a teen ager and studying to be a priest, the Alberto Series spoke to his heart.

Attending an Assembly of God Church, with this same friend, in exchange for a home-cooked meal, he heard the salvation message for the first time and gave his heart to the Lord.
Jeff attended Trinity College in Illinois married Leah Vaughan Farster, a co-worker in the Navy. They have two children, James and Robert whom are integral parts of the church.

Having attended a Church of God for many years, the message of the cross and the freedom that comes with it changed his life, and he felt the call of God on his life to share the gospel with others. In submission to God's call, Jeff received his Exhorter's License in 1996, becoming fully Ordained in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) in 1999 and went on to become an Ordained Bishop in 2004. He became head pastor at Freedom's Light in 2009 and is excited to share the supernatural life-changing power of Jesus Christ and the cross.